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Kauffman StadiumEdit

The place where the Royals play is going to the location of the 2012 Allstar Game!ShadeflowerWe will exterminate the Doctor!


One time,the announcer for the big screen stole a ball from a kid!He just snatched the ball before the kid could grab it!ShadeflowerWe will exterminate the Doctor!

Wow thats really mean! PhilliesGo Phillies!!!

I know! I wanted to punch him in the face.ShadeflowerWe will exterminate the Doctor!

But don't the announcers sit in an enclosed part of the Stadium? PhilliesGo Phillies!!!

Not at Kauffman stadium.The big screen anouncers walk around the stadium.They play shuffle the baseball with the fans.ShadeflowerWe will exterminate the Doctor!

Oh. PhilliesGo Phillies!!!